Why The Movie Minutes Was Created

Like it or not, we live in an extremely fast-paced digital world. Open your Facebook, and there’s an overwhelming amount of information. It’s understandable that we pay less attention to things in the world today then we would have, say, twenty years ago.

But what will never die to some is the hobbies that keep them going in society. For me, it’s the art of movies. Ever since the days of high school, I was amazed at just how much moving images on a screen could have the potential to invoke multiple different emotions in somebody all at once. So naturally, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to share my views with the world.

Yet, we’re always on the go, or searching new things on Google. So, to adapt to the intense technological society we live in, I had the idea of writing movie reviews that one can read in a minute. In one minute, you as the reader know exactly the kind of film you’re getting into, and at the same time still get a sense of my shining, dazzling personality. So, before you click away to the next tab, enjoy these blatantly honest film reviews on the latest releases.