Lion: A Minute Review

If Lion taught me anything, is that I underestimated the impact of honesty and rawness in a film.

Of course, there are many great dramas in the realm of cinema. But an overbearing Hollywood sensationalism of these films can often take the authenticity away. Lion, however, is grounded in reality. The film is directed in such a way that makes every moment on screen feel relevant and real. The performances in Lion are completely engaging, with Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman both delivering award-worthiness. Patel exhibits a fantastic blend of normality and despair, whereas Kidman portray a mother feeling disconnected from her kids with brutal honesty. The supporting performances also help strengthen the emotional impact that Lion has. It is a necessity to praise Sunny Pawar, who portrays the child Saroo, for almost single-handedly carrying the first act of this film.

Whilst the direction and amazing performances boost the story, it’s incredibly strong on its own. Simply, Lion is emotional and tear-jerking. Because of the choice to direct this film in a grounded manner, there’s no detraction or distraction from the rawness of the narrative. And, despite its simplicity, the cinematography is stunning. The choice of wide angles to capture the Indian and Australian landscapes brings a sense of joy and hope into the film, which in itself has themes of both despair AND hope.

What else needs to be said, except for the fact that there is a dryness in Hollywood and the film industry for films like Lion? When a film is crafted in honesty and rawness, that’s when it touches hearts the most.

Rating: 4.5/5.

If this style of review tingled you in a positive way, share it with those you love dear. If you don’t love anyone, share it anyway. And stay tuned for more to-the-point reviews. Deuces.


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