Monster Trucks: A Minute Review.

I was immensely excited to see Monster Trucks. I was waiting in sweat-inducing anticipation…so I could tear it a new one. Funnily enough, Monster Trucks isn’t THAT bad.

As long as you switch your brain off for two hours, you can bear the experience of Monster Trucks. I found myself slightly excited and fuzzy when the monster truck action sequences took place. Don’t get me wrong, they are indeed ludicrous and mind-blowingly silly. But there is definitely a competent direction behind them. There’s also a sprinkle of chuckle-worthy jokes. Looking at this film, it’s easy to identify that it at least has a little slice of charm and wit.

However, Monster Trucks commits the sin that’s present in family action films these days. The writing often reverts to conveniences and laziness. Random character motives and certain objects are forced into the script to keep the story moving. It truly is eye-rolling. In the first act of Monster Trucks, the love interest is written terribly. She pursues Lucas Till’s character relentlessly and affectionately, even though he kinda treats her like a dick. It made the character feel fake, but luckily she evolves. And considering Monster Trucks is a film about ALIEN CREATURES DRIVING MONSTER TRUCKS, many of the characters show the slightest of shock at discovering these creatures. I also held a personal ‘In Memoriam’ for the people who quite possibly died in this film, but of course brushed aside and completely forgotten about.

But don’t get me wrong, Monster Trucks is a reasonably decent family film. If you take your kids to see Monster Trucks, you won’t hate yourself for doing so.

Rating: 2.5/5.

If this style of review tingled you in a positive way, share it with those you love dear. If you don’t love anyone, share it anyway. And stay tuned for more to-the-point reviews. Deuces.


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